Beautiful things

There is still plenty of snow on the tops of the hills but it vanished over night from the valley bottom. It has been replaced by a vicious wind whipping round the corners of the farm. Oli, the sheep dog puppy, tries to nip it as it picks at her fur, and is astonished to find nothing there. Here are a couple of beautiful things I wanted to share with you. First up, the work of illustrator Stepan Zevral. There’s a great interview you can read about him here.

Next is a short film of an Indian woman producing a Kolam. A Kolam is a traditional floor drawing produced by women in Southern India. They get up in the morning, sweep the floor, sprinkle some water down, then produce these incredible drawings with rice powder. The drawings are not just decorative but also have an important devotional aspect. By evening they are gone.


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