Something finished

I feel a bit like I’ve reached base camp on Mount Everest. After week’s of working away I have managed to finish one of my final year projects. It’s really motivating to have completed something. It is a children’s book about a little spider called Solly who is looking for a good spot to build his web. I know the writing is a bit weak but I really wanted to illustrate this story and develop the character of Solly. He’s been lots of fun to work with and will probably pop up here now and again…perhaps scampering about looking for somewhere to put his web.

I haven’t wanted to leave the farm the last few days. It is covered in crisp snow and the skies are bright and clear. The snow gradually fades away as Little Owl and I come out of the hills and down into the city. Everyone on the farm is stoic about the snow. It had to come eventually but they would much rather it had come before Christmas. Its late arrival means it is likely to be around for lambing.

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  1. Linda says:

    Solly is so cute. Look forward to seeing the whole book. x

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