Feed the birds

Our bird feeder throngs with birds at the moment. The feeder is right outside the kitchen window so we feel richly rewarded for feeding them by the ringside view we have of their funny antics. It’s especially wonderful for me to look up from my paper and inks now and again and see them all there.

Something else I can see in the garden at the moment is a definite trail in the snow of where the rabbits have been getting in under the fence, circumnavigating a particularly big rock I put there to stop them. I have defeated them on one front however! I found some big terracotta tubes deep in a verge on the farm. I thought they were chimney pots but was told later that they were in fact Victorian drain pipes. Nobody was using them so I have put them around some of my most precious plants. Try chewing through that rabbits!

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  1. Avril Turner says:

    Love this bird. I guess he didn’t pose so was painted quickly but he is so real and fat and alive and ready to twitch or fly off.

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