Hello Jane, Hello Jim

This is a bit of strange post so bear with me. This blog post is being looked at by two of my lecturers as part of one of my assessments. We have been asked to keep a drawing journal over the term and to collate some of those drawings. When I talked about it with one of my lecturers I realised I pretty much do this anyway. I have a drawing book, which you can see here. That’s me on the front cover and what a piece of early 80s vintage I’m wearing! In it I draw all the things that go on around me. Important pictures from this book often make it on to this blog, usually related to a story. Story is what makes me tick as an illustrator so that kind of makes sense. Right then…

Hello Jane. Hello Jim. Welcome to my blog. Follow the links to view a small collation of my drawing journal over the last term:

The advent theif / Myxomatosis / Lardy Cake / A day for remembering / Mog the cat / Autumn jobs.


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