Wildlife encounters

This weekend was a packed one for wildlife sightings. On a walk with our friend Emily we spotted three little frogs hanging out in some muddy puddles. Little Owl loved it when we gently tickled them with some grass and they hopped. On returning to the car I narrowly avoided standing on an Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillar with its distinctive trunk. The Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillar is number 8 on the link here if you’d like to see one. We lifted him up on a dock leaf and put him in the verge so we didn’t squash him as we drove off.

My favourite sighting was a skein of geese heading south. We accompanied them on their journey for a few miles as we headed home on Friday. My eye was caught by movement in one of the harvested wheat fields as we passed. It was covered in a huge number of geese taking a break from their long flight. Early the next morning I popped out into the garden. It was frosty and the shed roof steamed gently in the warmth of the rising sun. I could hear them well before I could see them. Then high high above me several long lines of geese dotted the pale morning sky.

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