New term

I find the start of the new school year quite an evocative time. The mornings always seem especially fresh on the first one back to school. This morning there was a nip in the air. My car was coated in a chilly dew. In reality we have just got up earlier than in the holidays and are playing catch-up with the season. The heater goes on in the car and we rub our hands together. Arriving at college I am met by that wall of heat you only seem to find in educational institutions. The kind that is heavily scented by a certain floral air freshener. It hugs you and even on a bright day conjures up images in my mind of staring out of a rain splattered classroom window and soggy shoes in the playground. The perfect bedtime story for Little Owl on a day such as this was Fuzzypeg goes to School. One of my favourites. Little Owl shuffled down under her duvet after her first day back at nursery, too tired to even say goodnight.

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