Butterflies and buddleia

As part of our gardening escapades we’ve been planting some insect friendly specimens to attract butterflies and bees to our garden. Most of these attempts have been severely curtailed by the rabbits but one that has done well has been our buddleia. This was in spite of our next door neighbour’s dark warnings about where I’d planted it. I surrounded the base with chicken wire so that the rabbits could have the odd chew of an overhanging branch without gnawing the heart of it to death…as they have a tendency to do. So I was pleased as punch to see a peacock butterfly warming its wings on one of the flower heads.

Little Owl and I are back to nursery and college on Monday. While I’m excited about starting my final year I have to own up to the odd nightmare about it this week. You know the kind where you turn up to collect your degree and you’re naked sort of thing. In the mean time I’m stitching name tags to over-sized clothes that should see Little Owl through the year. She starts off the year with sleeves down to her knees and ends it with them up at her elbows.

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  1. Rosie Turner says:

    Love this one Han. The butterfly looks like it’s going to flutter of the page. Xxx

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