This evening was golden as the sun set. The hills were purple and bronze with heather. Coming back later on from a friend’s house, through dark windy lanes, rabbits and mice scattered to the verges in the beam of my headlights. The moon was bright in the sky and a tractor worked late in the fields. Although it’s five degrees cooler here than Devon and we were sad to say goodbye to friends and family, it’s good to be home. As our lives go on all the people we love the most seem to get more and more widely dispersed. I wonder if there is a half way point where we all start to contract in again. In the mean time we have pencilled in lots of visits.

One of the first things we had to do on arriving home was gather a swift harvest. We podded broad beans and peas. We also pulled up Big Dreamer’s garlic. Big Dreamer has decided to try and dry it for use over the winter. The best place he could find was the airing cupboard. For anyone coming to see us in the near future be warned, your bedding is going to be peculiarly fragrant but you won’t have to worry about vampires.

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