Mum and I have been visiting Totnes together for as long as I can remember. It’s a girly outing we have always reserved just for ourselves but today we allowed my sister and Little Owl to come along too. Totnes is a quaint little town built on a hill in South Devon. Its buildings are all higgledy-piggledy with interesting nooks and crannies. I picked up this lovely illustrated map today to show you. It has loads of interesting nuggets of history related to the buildings along the edges. Apologies that the detail isn’t very clear on screen and I can’t see a credit for the artist. If you’d like to find out more about Totnes you can read more on the town website here.

One of the reasons my Mum and I love to go to Totnes is because of all the independent shops. Here you can find the Conker Shoe company where you can order your own made-to-measure shoes that are handmade on site. You can buy the best crumbly fudge around at Roly’s Fudge Pantry. Country Cheeses, at the bottom of the hill, is a particular favourite as they always have some interesting cheeses made in the South West. However, the holy grail for me is Paperworks, who specialise in handmade, decorative and recycled papers and stationery. I’ve lost count of the beautiful things I have bought from this shop. Never to be used mind you! Oh no! Just to be gazed at and stroked and dreamed about. One day, I think to myself, one day I might produce an illustration worthy of such paper. Today I came away with this gem; a beautiful card featuring an etching of Cromer by Suffolk artist Glynn Thomas. And no, this card will never be sent either!

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