A day on the beach

Little Owl and I spent the day on the beach at Exmouth today. We built sandcastles, splashed in the sea, collected shells, and all the other things you should do on a beach. It was marvellous fun. As we packed up to go I noticed Little Owl’s spade was missing. Where had it gone? We hunted round but still no sign. “What have you done with your spade?” I asked Little Owl. “Sumfing,” she admitted, vaguely nodding but clearly mystified. I suspect it was diligently buried and instantly forgotten. Let’s hope it turns up at just the right moment for another child who has maybe got a bucket but no spade.

To end the day we headed to the jolliest cafe, full of bunting and seaside paraphernalia, where we ordered these cheery hot chocolates to console ourselves. Red and blue sprinkles! Little Owl was delighted, especially when they turned her tongue blue.

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