Slow worm

I am sat in my Mum and Dad’s conservatory with the doors wide open. The evening is hot and still. The sky is tinted pink by the setting sun. What a contrast to Scotland. Although, Big Dreamer does tell me the weather has improved there.

On arriving at my Mum and Dad’s, Little Owl and I lost no time in delving into Dad’s raspberry patch. To call it a ‘patch’ is just plain wrong. Dad presides over a raspberry ‘jungle’. You’ve no choice but to dive on in because the bounty is well worth the hunt. Enormous raspberries droop from the laden branches. Little Owl’s face is soon smattered with red juice and seeds. I know there’ll be no getting the stains out of her dress, but moments like these are what life’s all about so we wade back in gleefully!

This morning we headed over the fields for a paddle in the sea. Down one shady footpath we were stopped in our tracks by this beautiful slow worm..and slow he was not! I think they’re incredible creatures; not snakes or worms but in fact, legless lizards. You can see a great video of Bill Oddie meeting one here. My sister and Little Owl weren’t so sure and they hot footed it away, squealing.

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