Southerly Sojourn

Little Owl and I have been packing today. It is time for our annual migration south. My family are all in Devon so we try to get in one big trip every year. This year Little Owl and I are going ahead of Big Dreamer, who will join us later, because we are required for dress fittings, shoe shopping, and hair trials. My sister is getting married and Little Owl and I are to be bridesmaids! It seems we’ve chosen a good time to go. The temperatures are soaring down there, while up here the rain continues. On the farm a tractor got stuck in the mud, then the second tractor got stuck trying to pull the first one out. They’re taking the digger to them both tomorrow.

So, we have done a last bit of weeding, baked Big Dreamer a cake, and stocked up the freezer. I think he’ll survive. As you can see Little Owl has packed her bag and it’s waiting by the door. I’ll have internet down there so my aim is to keep blogging while we’re away. I hope you’ll stay with me for our                                                                               southerly sojourn over the next month.

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