Messing about on the river

There is a hidden spot that not many people know about along one of the rivers near to my Mum and Dad. We headed there one hot afternoon this week with my Dad’s friend and his grand children. They’re a bit older than Little Owl but she loved watching them messing about on the river in a giant inflatable ring.

There is an old ford on this part of the river so it’s an ideal spot for paddling because it’s quite shallow. There’s also some soft sandy patches along the edge of the river bank for those with tender feet. This is where Little Owl enjoyed being, chasing minnows with an old ice lolly carton.

Dragonflies hovered and danced over the water, while sand martins darted and dived after insects across the ripples. I wouldn’t have known they were sand martins except Dad’s friend knows his stuff. They nest in holes in the sandy banks. Apparently all this rain and the accompanying high river hasn’t been much fun for them this year. We also spotted a small eel that briefly reflected the sunlight before flitting under a rock.

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