Knightsridge Primary School


Yesterday I visited Knightsridge Primary School to speak to some of the children there about illustration. I particularly wanted to talk to them about a magazine project I’m working on. They were absolutely brilliant and gave me some excellent responses. My favourite bit of my time there was when the children did some of their own drawings of their dream tree houses. Their drawings were full of imagination and creativity.

Mrs Piper doesn’t allow rubbers in her classroom so we also talked about making mistakes and using sketchbooks as a safe place to try things out. There are some real budding artists at Knightsridge and such an appetite for drawing. I didn’t quite get to finish an inky sketch of fireworks for them so have posted one here as a thank you. I think the Knightsridge children might be the best in the world! Mrs Piper can I come back and visit soon please?

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