Mill on the Fleet

It’s been a bit of a mammoth day today. Alongside two of my classmates, Pia and Emma, I am participating in a group exhibition at the Mill on the Fleet in Dumfries and Galloway. Today was set up day.

I’ve not been on the A74(M) before and it’s an incredible route carved out of the soaring hills of Lanarksire. We then followed the A701 into the pastoral prettiness of Dumfries and Galloway. Emma, who is Swedish, was particularly delighted by the prevalence of the Belted Galloway cattle with their distinctive black and white markings and known locally as Belties.

You can see a section of my part of the exhibition above. The Mill on the Fleet is a restored water mill in the beautiful Gatehouse of Fleet and they were brilliant hosts to us today. I often talk about the kindness of people in encouraging infants of illustration like myself. Julian, the manager, proved to be one such person. Knowing we were fairly inexperienced in hanging a show he allowed us the space to have a good go before returning after lunch to make some gentle suggestions. These were the kind of tips you only get from someone who is a veteran of the exhibiting world and they transformed our show.

So if you happen to be in the area our exhibition opens this sunday and lasts until 17th June. Other events going on over the same period at the mill are their Big Lit day and the Spring Fling art event. Go on, head on down and write something cheerful for me in the visitors’ book!

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