The guttering around our house is a popular spot for a variety of little birds to build their nests. This year a pair of Blue Tits have taken a liking to the guttering above Little Owl’s window. We have been watching them flying in with nesting material and there is quite a collection now hanging over the outer edge of the gutter. We can see their tails bobbing about as they arrange the latest find to their liking. A quick flick and they turn a full 180 so that we can see their toes gripping the plastic and two beady eyes surveying the lie of the land. The organisational details must be complex too because they chatter and chatter and chatter.

Above is a picture I have been working on for quite a while and is now finished. It was commissioned by SummerCloud, a small company who make personalised baby blankets and various other items. SummerCloud wanted to start selling a range of prints and posters that could be personalised for a child’s bedroom. Karen, who runs SummerCloud, wanted there to be lots of little hidden things for the child to find, so look closely! It has been a great experience because through it I have found a new friend in Karen and I’ve learnt tonnes. SummerCloud have just released it on their website, which you can get to by clicking here.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hannah, love it especially the bark on the trees, reminds me of the ones at Harlow Carr makes me want to stroke them. The whole scene just draws you in. I might have to get one for our bedroom!!

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