Henry Tomkins

If you’re wondering why I keep blogging about my birthday presents it’s because I received a few special ones this year as this birthday was a significant one. So no, I’m not just showing off how many presents I got (I know you thought it!). For this significant birthday a few of my family clubbed together to buy me a handbag made by the amazing Henry Tomkins. Today it finally arrived and it is beautiful. It even has a special paintbrush pocket. I love the way Henry describes how the bag needs ‘feeding’ with shoe cream, as thought it’s a real live creature. It’s lovely to think of it in that way, a new pal for all my projects and plans.

Just in case you happen to be around I’ll be at a coffee morning at Middleton village hall in the Borders in aid of the local school on Saturday. I’ll have all my usual bits and pieces plus a bit more so drop in and say hello.

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  1. Alison says:

    Hi I am just wondering how you are getting on with your henry tomkins bag? also how do you find it weight wise. Thanks.

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Alison. It’s absolutely lovely and still going strong…I think it might out live me in fact! Weight wise it’s just right for me, even when I carry a full-to-brimming pocket sketch book in it. You could probably get something lighter but I should think that would compromise the durability and I like to be able to feel my bag’s there…especially on busy streets. Hope that helps 🙂 Hannah x

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