Flat Cat Gallery

I don’t know where I’d be without kind people…almost certainly in a ditch somewhere. Since I have started on my illustration journey so many people have shared knowledge, experience, contacts and tea with me. Today was no exception. This morning Little Owl and I went along to meet Jacquie and Annette at the Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder. I was supposed to be selling them my cards and prints. In reality they took me in hand, restructured my pricing system (I didn’t have one) and told me what to charge them for my cards. They were within their rights to laugh me out of the place for my naivety but instead were gracious and encouraging. I’ve come along way but there’s still so much to learn. Little Owl surveyed the scene from her pint-sized chair as she built stickle brick towers and supped her complimentary hot chocolate. Here is a photo of the Flat Cat Gallery taken from another one of their artist’s websites (sorry Stephen – I forgot my camera!). Anyway, just to let you know Flat Cat will be stocking framed versions of my exotic animal series, as well as my cards, so go and have look. Little Owl recommends the hot chocolate.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hannah how exciting – The Bettys of Scotland [Flat Cat]. I love it sooo much, will certainly be having a hot chocolate and cake next time we r up!

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