Things that don’t work out

The world of illustration is a funny one in that sometimes things just don’t work out. The illustrator does lots of work but the project just doesn’t quite come together and the illustrations are never seen. Here is an example of one such illustration. I did this for Edinburgh University Science Society to go on the back of sweatshirts but for whatever reason it didn’t quite work out. But it’s a pretty illustration so I thought I’d show it to you.

The last few days have been significantly warmer. I’ve discarded my thermals…brave move I know! But it feels like spring might be on its way. There’s that spring-like smell in the air. I like to think of it as the smell of grass growing. There’s a sense of excitement everywhere, of budding things straining for the sky. Big Dreamer’s garlic has started popping up in the vegetable patch and the daffodil bulbs Little Owl and I planted in the autumn are well on the way. The longing for summer days has begun.

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