Every Monday evening Big Dreamer and I go through the same routine. I throw myself on the sofa, declaring I don’t want to go to Life Drawing the following morning and he raises an eyebrow before going back to what he was doing. I know I’m behaving like a teenager who doesn’t want to do PE. The thing about Life Drawing is that it is the equivalent of the illustration gym. I know I should do it. I know it’s good for me. I can even show you how I have developed over time by doing it. I also know that once I get there I’ll enjoy it. It’s just it’s such a slog. “Three hours drawing. That’s not even an early shift,” Big Dreamer goes on to mutter.

Normally I’m really good and do go, but this morning…well, it was snowing…I had to take my parents to the airport…

Don’t tell Big Dreamer, but I skipped Life Drawing this week and drew an Orangutan instead.

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2 Responses to Confession

  1. Big Dreamer says:

    That doesn’t look like an Orangutan to me… I think you need to skip life drawing more often and concentrate on the great apes!

    • Big Dreamer says:

      *great apes excluding homo sapiens I should say… as I’ve just looked it up and we’re one of them!

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