Lovely legs

The first project back at college involved the whole Illustration department. We were paired up and had to write a brief for each other. I was paired with a fab second year called Milly. After a chat and a look at our work we came up with the briefs. My brief from Milly was to create four images for an environmental charity featuring a natural animal or object in an urban setting. So here is one of the characters I think I’d like to use in one of the images…a lovely leggy giraffe.

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4 Responses to Lovely legs

  1. Linda Foley says:

    Hannah what a lovely character, my favourite wild animal.
    L x

  2. Norma Tait says:

    Great project. I love their eyelashes. Have you read about Zarafa the first giraffe in Paris, given as a present to Charles X. Loved your entries about safe oot safe in and the bangle. X

  3. Reupheus says:

    What noise do giraffes make.

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