Big Dreamer was given some garlic to plant in the garden by a friend at work, so we put it in the veg patch yesterday afternoon. The wind had died down a bit and the sun had come out but there was still ice in the air. We made Little Owl carry heavy things so she wouldn’t blow away. I’ve drawn some of the garlic we planted here for you.

Everything is dying back in the garden now. The cold winter last year claimed several casualties so I have hatched a plan this year. I had quite a bit of Texel fleece left from FibreFest and have twisted it round the base of my more delicate specimens. I’m hoping it’ll let light in, keep the roots warm and not rot. It’s got to be worth a try hasn’t it?! It was actually a nice job to do. I felt like I was tucking them all up for the winter.

By the way, don’t try the cinder toffee beer recipe I posted about on 7th Nov. It was really, really bad.

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