Yesterday evening the farm was bathed in the pink light of the setting sun. That’s a good sign right? Shepherd’s delight and all that. So, hopefully no snow just yet. But then this morning it was also bathed in pink light. Now that’s Shepherd’s warning isn’t it? The ‘will it/won’t it be the worst winter for 60 years’ is the main topic of conversation in these parts, and not even the weather itself seems to have made up its mind.

Here is an illustration I did for a project that is going on at the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh from November 3rd. The Centre brought together scientists and storytellers to look at retelling the story of the beginning of the universe in a more accessible way. My illustration is for the story Hermes and the Messengers of Light. In the story Hermes is described as the choreographer of the universe and this is what I thought he might look like. Check out their website here.

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  1. Sue says:

    Hannah, I love checking in on your blog, reading your charmingly written updates and viewing your beautiful sketches.

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