Christmas Cards

My Christmas cards are now on sale in my shop so do go and have a look. They feature my inky drawings of holly and mistletoe. The hand-lettered greeting on the front reads ‘Peace on Earth’. Apologies to those of you who get sniffy about Christmas cards going on sale in October. I wasn’t going to do it yet but the Christmas feeling sort of hijacked me in the garden this evening. I’d taken out the ash tray from the fire to empty into the compost and it was such a cold clear night. The stars were incredible and my breath was an icy cloud. My imagination carried me off and I was standing on the last page of Lucy and Tom’s Christmas, looking out of the window at the stars above, with the words ‘Peace on Earth’ written in an arch over the top of the page. So, you see, it had to be done didn’t it?

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  1. Peter Turner says:

    What a cool idea for the village Christmas Card. I thought it would be effective to have a donkey tethered to a post in front of the hall.

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