I think we caught the last day of Scottish summer yesterday. We took a trip up to Fife with two of my friends from college and enjoyed the most beautiful sunshine. We headed to Crail first, then made our way back through Anstruther (confusingly pronounced Anster) and Pittenweem. I have drawn a picture of a Crail street for you here. They are all pretty fishing villages with little cobbled harbours that built up around the herring industry. You can visit the Fisheries Museum in Anstruther and see one of the old herring boats in the harbour there. The sun glistened on the sea and I imagined I could see right to Copenhagen. We even managed a picnic on the beach, complete with bucket and spade!

It is back to reality today. Thunder and lightening announced the beginning of the rain that has lasted all day here. The children are back at school in Scotland and the heating had to be put on in the village hall for Toddler’s Group so there has been a distinct feeling of the summer season winding down.

Entrusted with the ‘big shop’ this afternoon Big Dreamer and Little Owl returned home with chocolate mousse for pudding. Big Dreamer swallowed his in two mouthfuls and was quickly eyeing up Little Owl’s. She shovelled and she shovelled as fast as she could but couldn’t match the pace of Big Dreamer with her chocolate mousse in his sights. Poor Little Owl didn’t stand a chance.

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  1. Linda Foley says:

    Ah, lovely Crail,
    did u have fish & chips at Anstruther? Little Owls gang gang is busy downstairs getting the wood burner going……..we r going to need a lot of practice!!

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