Pia’s Competition No.1

It’s a glorious evening in the Borders this evening. I sat on the back steps surveying our knee-high grass (all that rain!) and listening to a blackbird singing its heart out from a cherry tree in the main farm garden. Today Little Owl and I went into ‘toun’ to say goodbye to one of my favourite friends from college. Pia is returning to her native Switzerland for the summer and I’ll miss her lots. So that she doesn’t forget us here in Scotland I have decided to start a photograph competition for her. For any of you who know Edinburgh please feel free to join in! The aim of the game is that for each week of Pia’s absence I will post an image from the streets of Edinburgh and I’d like you to tell me where you think it is. The person who gets the most correct answers will get a little prize. What do you think? A bit of holiday fun anyway. So, to start us off…

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2 Responses to Pia’s Competition No.1

  1. Linda Foley says:

    What a great idea to have a quiz, I have no idea where it is though but will have to have a good look in August! Saw a massive picture/map “there is no desert but was once a name” by John Wolseley at the British Museum!!!! Loved it.

  2. pia says:

    greetings from london!! hey hannah, how’s everything going? london is very exciting and hot! love the cowgate cow on the photograph! its in the corner cowgate/niddry street south photographed from south bridge : ) – looking forward to the next photograph!! just quickly this for now and lots of love – pia

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