A gate made of twigs

I spent this morning in the garden trying to remedy some of the damage from the stormy weather that has just passed over Scotland. Our electricity went off on Monday evening but only for a few hours. I was most concerned about my beautiful chest freezer defrosting. I had visions of us eating and giving away all my precious frozen hoardings. Over the snowy winter I developed a ‘special’ relationship with that freezer. At least the potatoes seemed to enjoy the weather and they are getting on very well. Unfortunately the slugs seem to have thrived too. I’ll have to devote a whole post to all the pests in the garden. I have a ‘special’ relationship with them too!

On a slightly different note but still on gardens I have decided to do a series of illustrations based on Japanese Haikus. Big Dreamer’s mum bought him a beautiful little book of Haikus from the incomparable Barter Books and I have been enjoying browsing through them. I am inspired by how they can communicate with such elegant and concise clarity. They are like individual perfect raindrops held in a moment. So pared down yet so effective they make me catch my breath. It is something I would love to achieve in my illustrations. One day…one day! For now, let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to A gate made of twigs

  1. Linda Foley says:

    Hannah, i would love a gate just like that for my dream cottage in Northumberland! but a snail? bit close to a you know what!!!
    love, Big Dreamers mum xxx

  2. norma tait says:

    I think the Haiku idea is wonderful and perfect for you. Remind me to show you my book of Russian proverbs. Here’s one: There’s no point in taking your samovar to Tula.
    another one that I do understand: He who fears wolves will never go into the forest.
    Love Bopa

  3. Rosie Turner says:

    Wow, another amazing piece of work. I cant wait to see what you produce from our trip to the Scilly Isles. Loving reading the blogs.
    What a wonderful talent. You just keep impressing me with each new bit of work.

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