4th year madness

This week I have been paired with a 4th year illustration student to help her prepare for her submission tomorrow. My partner is a fab young lady named Bella McVennon. You can see her work here: www.claribelmcvennon.wordpress.com/about/. Her work has a beautiful, gentle strength. I’m eyeing up her T-shirt designs! It has been great for me to be involved in seeing how to put together a final submission and exhibition. Another one of the 4th year students who I really rate is Jojo Norris. You can see her work here: www.jojonorris.com. Her website is delicious!

This week I have also been occupied with producing a manual for a lathe made out of Singer sewing machines. This is the brain wave of another 4th year at college: my very good friend Reuben Ewan. He has built this very lathe to produce toothbrushes…obvious really! The manual is based on the original Instructions Booklet for one of the Singer machines used in the lathe. Here is one of the pages.

So, submission for the 4th years tomorrow at 4pm. Come on 4th years – you can do it!

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