A pair of partridges

There have been a lovely pair of partridges wandering around the farmyard recently. This afternoon I saw them in our garden, rummaging around the base of our compost bin. Here is one of them for you. They are such cheerful birds and look as if they have a good sense of humour. Little owl shouts “Bud, bud!” (translation: “Bird, bird!”). Big Dreamer looks glum. He has been in cahoots with our next door neighbour to shoot a particularly large pheasant that has been seen in our garden picking at the wild bird seed. They have reasoned that as it’s in our garden and eating our food, it’s fair game. Fortunately for the pheasant Big Dreamer has proved to be a very bad shot. I think it unlikely that he could hit a truck parked in front of him. In the mean time he keeps air rifle pellets in his pocket at all times (just in case!) and I’m constantly finding them down the back of the sofa when they fall out. The other week he was supposed to be getting Little Owl dressed. I found her completely naked in the middle of our bed, weeing, and pointing at the wet patch between her legs, saying “Uh-oh”. Where was Big Dreamer? Flat on his stomach on the patio, swearing as he peppered the air with pellets while the pheasant minced around the garden.

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2 Responses to A pair of partridges

  1. Al says:

    Heh, love the story Han. Tell BD that fiction, not firearms, is the way forward.

    Anyway, hope you guys are doing good up there. You visiting my folks sometime in July? (and have you heard the rumours about a bee-based blog…?!?) I may try and visit at the same time 🙂

    I also wanted to share a link with you – http://kleinletters.com/Blog/?p=14454 – it sorta puts our egg-painting efforts to shame, maybe next year! The guy who writes the blog is a old-style comic book letterer and has some really interesting links and pictures of his work. It might be a little too comic-based for your taste but there’s some less traditional stuff on there too.

    Much love

    Al x

  2. Chloe says:

    Hi Hannah, enjoying a peaceful perusal of your lovely blog this bank holiday monday and realising how nice it is to have a day with very few plans. Really love the Partridge story… giggling out loud at the thought of it! Who won in the end? Also really love your sheep pic…. looks like you have a really lovely (if wet) quality of life up in Scotland. Looking forward to seeing you in Wiltshire in a couple a weeks. xxx

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