Scottish Highlands by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (

I hope you had a lovely Summer. We returned from Scotland with our hearts full of memories of mountaintop views and the evening light glittering the surface of the river. It was just wonderful and exactly what we needed. Back at home the swifts have gone and I’m sad I missed their departure. There are still plenty of holidaymakers around down here but our minds have turned to the new school term (already in full swing in Scotland). No matter how well I prepare there’s always a last minute scramble for some item we have forgotten to get or a replacement needed for something that I’m certain, fitted perfectly well before the holidays. There are nametags to stitch in, lunch boxes and kit bags to find at the back of the cupboard, new shoes need marking. As I write the children’s names on their insoles, it’s hard not to feel I’m marking time too – another school year, my little people growing, just as they should.

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