World Book Day 2020

Little Girl holding How Billy Hippo Learned His Colours by Vivian French and Hannah Foley. Published by Little Door Books on Thursday 5th March 2020. All rights asserted for this image by Hannah Foley (

It is light now when I come in from my morning bike rides. The riverbanks are full of bird song and lolloping bunnies. In the streets near us, front garden shrubs explode with sparrow chatter as we pass on the way to school. One family of sparrows have been flitting in and out of our neighbour’s extractor fan outlet that has lost its cover. It would make a cosy spot for a nest.

Today is World Book Day, which means parents all over the country madly scrambling to find costumes to represent favourite book characters. Of course that black bin liner will do for a Harry Potter Hogwarts cape! Not in our house however! Finch has been planning his costume for almost a year. He will be going as the Beast from his favourite comic, Cardboard Kingdom, all about the imaginary adventures of a group of friends and their cardboard boxes! Highly recommended reading for any kids who, like Finch, love to while away their days making freestyle cardboard models. The final cardboard costume has been ready for at least a month. We’re hoping it stops raining by tomorrow!

World Book Day is also the day How Billy Hippo Learned His Colours hits the shelves! There is a launch event happening at the wonderful Portobello Bookshop in Portobello, Edinburgh. If you’re likely to be in the area, here is a link to their Events page where you can scroll down to book free tickets ( I wish I could be there but alas, not this time.

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