Here is an old piece of work I found when rummaging recently. Isn’t it funny to look back and see how your work changes? I’m not altogether sure how I feel about it. There’s an odd discomfort in looking at a piece like this. There are things I really like about it. Was I right to shed what I did to end up where I am now? But, perhaps I’ve not really shed anything. Those techniques are still in my toolbox and the journey isn’t linear.

We planted a Sorbus along the back fence this week. Sorbus are more commonly known as Mountain Ash or Rowan. This one is called Autumn Spire. It is tall and columnar, bearing red berries and crimson foliage in Autumn. It completes my set along the fence: Holly for winter, Swedish Birch for summer, Flagpole Cherry for spring, and now the Sorbus. In ten years time these trees should hopefully be mature (ok, not the Holly), providing food and refuge for our declining songbird friends. In the mean time they will give us shade and much pleasure as we watch them grow.

Next week we will be away on our hols for half term so no post from me but I’ll be back the week after.

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2 Responses to Sorbus

  1. Evy Browning says:

    It is strange looking back at how you’ve got to where you are, sometimes it’s only later that you realise that actually that precise piece of work & what you learned is being used but slightly differently & had you not gone through the process you wouldn’t be where you are…….. Philosophy aside – I do love the textures & gradations of green in those leaves so perfectly brought out by the complementary red (nature’s painterly palette following man’s colour theory) of the berries & that little cheeky creature exploring………

  2. Hannah says:

    Absolutely – you put it very well 🙂

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