Time for school

Hannah Foley, illustrator, illustration, safari, education, non-fiction, children, kids, family, elephants, ibis, egret, gazelle, hippo, hippopotamus, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, mountains, rhinoceros, rhino, waterholeThe skies are leaden and the day is blustery. The radio regales me with dire weather reports from Scotland; wind, rain and the chance of snow at rush hour tomorrow. Meanwhile I sit snugly at my desk and press Send on Finch’s school application. That’s right, no pen and paper required, it’s all electronic now. I hesitated over that last click. I have a friend who is completely unsentimental about moments like these. She waved her youngest son off to school with glee and went home to put her feet up, but that’s not how my heart works. It definitely registers; with a funny emotional mixture of nostalgia, pride, relief, and sadness.

If I had any worries over Finch at school, the following conversation about a runny nose the other day soon resolved them. It went like this:

Me to Finch: I’ll get you a tissue.

Finch: No, I can just lick it.

Me: Your tongue can’t reach your nose.

Finch: No. I wait for it to dribble down.

Gross but ever practical. He’ll be fine!

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4 Responses to Time for school

  1. nonna says:

    That’s our boy!

  2. Evy Browning says:

    Love the Spoonbills particularly & the way that right gazelle is turned toward the trumpeting elephant. Stay snug & warm – better day today. Hope the application works out as you wish.

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