Christmas cheer

Centre of the Cell, genes, health, educational, children, workshopsThe festive season is working up to its grand conclusion. Nativities (including real live donkey) have been attended, Christmas Fair stalls have been (wo)manned, carol concerts have been sung at, Christmas parties have been enjoyed, Christmas markets have been perused (sad lack of gingerbread or wooden toy stall in my opinion), and children’s Christmas crafts have been brought home and either swiftly deposited in the recycling or saved for posterity. Finch returned from nursery with a particularly special glass jar lantern he’d made and a fistful of sticky gems he’d picked off it.

In all the rush Little Owl and I still managed to spot a gang of Long-tailed Tits filling the branches of a birch tree in a neighbour’s back garden. It has inspired me and I fully intend to purchase a Swedish birch for our garden in the near future.

In other news, do you remember this project from all the way back in 2014? It was a children’s workshop commission I did for educational charity Centre of the Cell. Since then I’ve been able to work on all sorts of brilliant projects for these guys and have enjoyed each one immensely. This illustration is now on display in the reception area at the new East London Genes and Health Building. It looks great! I am very proud.

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