muscles, bones, x-ray, human, boy, anatomy, biology, physiology, children, education, illustration, Hannah FoleyHow are you getting on with your 30 Days Wild? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, 30 Days Wild is a campaign run by the Wildlife Trusts to get everyone doing something wild for each day of June. It can be anything from feeding the birds to writing a poem about a bumblebee. The aim is to encourage people to connect with nature for a happier and healthier life.

I’ve been tweeting my wild activity each day here. So far, we’ve squidged our toes in the sand on a beach, chatted with a goldfinch on a railing and spotted some strange fungi growing on a tree in the park, amongst many other things. As always with these sorts of projects, the value of it is that it brings these humble moments into the fore of our consciousness. I think we’re fairly good at spotting the signs of the seasons in our family, but there is something about noting them down, taking a picture, or broadcasting them on social media that raises them to their true status. It’s good to be reminded that the sight of elderflowers in full bloom, if fairly common, is still a pretty special thing. And if nothing else, it’s a welcome distraction from the EU referendum rumpus!

Here is another illustration from my muscles and bones commission.

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