Juggler by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk)

At the weekend we celebrated Burns night with a gathering of friends and family. I know we’re not in Scotland any more but it seems a nice way of remembering our time there and celebrating some of the things we loved about Scottish culture. One of the great things about Burns Night is that it’s easy to embrace because it has such lovely values behind it. Of course it is about celebrating the poetry of Scottish poet Robert Burns (Little Owl did a recitation for us to much applause) but it’s also about celebrating friendship, hospitality, and the common humanity of mankind.

We cooked up a feast of haggis (veggie version also available), sausages (for those squeamish about haggis), tatties, stovies (oh my goodness, did they go down a treat!), neeps (mashed swede and carrot), and gravy. Big Dreamer addressed the haggis in his best Sean Connery accent and we toasted it with a variety of wee nips (sloe gin, damson gin, limoncello, mead or some single malt). For afters we provided vanilla shortbread (a la Nigella) and of course, Empire Biscuits, served with tea and coffee. All in all it seemed to go very well. Lots of people said they would be having haggis again and a few even had suggestions for next year’s event!

After all the clearing and washing up had been done, Big Dreamer and I sat on the sofa to reflect on the afternoon and quietly reminisce over Scottish memories. No such luck. I had seen Finch munching on at least two Empire biscuits and goodness knows how many more he’d helped himself to. In spite of being bathed and put to bed hours before, so much sugar in one small boy led to wild carousing in his bedroom, until he finally collapsed under his jungle duvet not long before Big Dreamer and I went to bed. Oh the joys of being nearly two!

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Yeah for the empire biscuits! We made some this week xx

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