Veg patch update

illustration of an owl by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( Owl did very well in both her performances this week. We’ll be singing the songs to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat for some time to come. I was completely mobbed on the Hook-A-Duck stall at the school summer fete. Two hours never passed so fast! There are still three weeks to go until the end of term and I’m feeling exhausted already. We’ve got Sport’s Day and Parent’s Evening to come yet. I don’t know how the teachers do it. Here’s an update on our veg patch. I’d love to know how your’s are doing.

Beetroot: planted three rows two weeks each apart. Coming on well in spite of the sparrows pecking their leaves.

Spinach: First row of perpetual spinach has given us multiple pickings already. The second two rows are a variety called Red Cardinal and keep bolting.

Peas: Pods and flowers everywhere – yippee!

Courgettes: no sign of them at all. Probably should have started them off indoors. I’ve given up and sown kale.

Tomatoes: I have only lost two plants of the beef variety and the cherry tomato variety is looking good. Leaves have stopped turning yellow since I remembered to feed them! I’m doing my best at ‘pinching out’ like it says in the books but I still don’t really get which to pinch.

Pumpkins: three plants coming on very well. One seedling eaten by slugs (or was it the sparrows?)

Sorrel: definitely distinct red-veined seedlings have appeared. It must be the sorrel surely?! Very, very slow growing. Thank goodness it’s a perennial.

Lettuce: brilliant, just grows and grows and grows.

Beans: Have recovered from initial slug attack and are making good progress.

Sweet peas: gone completely mad. The house is littered with jam jars full of them.

Fruit: the raspberry bushes are still little and won’t fruit until next year but we have a smattering of gooseberries and blackcurrants. One of the gooseberry bushes is a cutting taken from one of the bushes on the farm so I feel very proud.

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