Illustration of macaws by Hannah Foley. All right reserved (’s been a momentous weekend in our house. Little Owl has had a wobbly tooth for ages and it finally fell out. She was having a water fight in the garden when her friend accidentally elbowed her in the jaw and out it came. I don’t know who was more excited, Little Owl or me. Her very first tooth to come out! What made it all the more thrilling is that I’ve had stashed away a special tooth fairy coin to leave under her pillow to mark the occasion. It has a fairy embossed on one side and the words I believe on the other. I couldn’t wait for the next morning to see her face and she was suitably delighted so all was well. Yesterday she informed me that the going rate for a tooth is one pound and that’s what she’ll be expecting for all her subsequent teeth. I’m glad she didn’t get her exchange rate information from one little girl we know of, who got five pounds per tooth! It’s enough to bankrupt the poor old tooth fairy.

Here are some cheeky macaws for you. What are they plotting?

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