Illustration of a Fishmongers by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (

Mackerel are in season at the moment. We couldn’t be in any doubt of this when a 6ft tall mackerel standing on its hind legs appeared on the high street near our house a few weeks ago. He is affectionately known as Macksie by everyone and is the property of our fabulous fishmonger. A lot of the fishing industry that I was familiar with in Devon growing up is now long gone but we are lucky that he stocks as much locally caught fish as he can get his hands on. Here’s a quick sketch of his shop. If Little Owl smiles sweetly she gets a fishy sticker to take away. We managed to pick up the last two mackerel in the shop on Saturday and had a fantastic fish supper. Little Owl cannot be persuaded as to the merits of mackerel and eyed us warily as she chewed on her fishfingers in case we should be tempted to slip any onto her plate. There was no way I was giving any of my beautiful fish away to the unappreciative so she was quite safe.

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