Wedding invitation designed by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( Little Owl is and whatever she is doing, Finch wants to be there. He pushes his way in joyfully grabbing handfuls of whatever she is playing with, or alternatively, handfuls of her hair. Poor Little Owl. She got sweet revenge this week by tattooing him with a permanent marker. Don’t ask me where she found the marker. Fortunately she was satisfied with just dotting him in the middle of his head and it didn’t occur to her to give him a moustache. Still, we’ve scrubbed and scrubbed and it’s not coming off. I’m guessing it will gradually wear away. If not, in future years he will be able to part his hair, and say, “My sister did that.”

Here is a wedding invitation I designed recently for my lovely sister-in-law, who is getting married this summer.

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