Writing for Children

The Selkie Girl by Janis MacKay.This week I started an evening class on writing for children tutored by children’s author Janis MacKay. That’s one of her lovely books there!

There’s something slightly intoxicating about walking out of the house on my own in the evening with only a notebook and pen in my bag. I felt a bit giddy and nearly clicked my heels together as I headed off to the station. I love learning too, so there was that Christmas Eve feeling of anticipating something exciting and wonderful about to happen.

I liked Janis straight away. She made us all feel at home and is so generous with her knowledge and experience. This week we talked about the child’s point of view and delved into our own childhoods for writing inspiration. We talked about play and wonder and simplicity. In spite of the fact that my brain was all fingers and thumbs with each of the exercises we were given I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to next week. In the mean time Janis gave us homework so I’d better get on!

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