Cake and Pie

Photograph of a hand written poem by Mark Haddon.I haven’t done a recipe for a while, have I? These are two tasty ones we have tried recently. The fact that they are both from supermarket magazines sums up a lot about our lives at the moment – menu inspiration needs to be quick and accessible these days! Anyway, first up is a Sausage, Apple and Leek Pie from the Waitrose magazine. I don’t know why but I find the idea of apple in a savoury pie irresistible. Essentially you cook the sausages, chop them up, then make a leek and apple cheesy sauce, which you mix up with the sausages and stick in a pie dish. The recipe says to top with puff pastry. I find pie topped with puff pastry like this bizarre but Big Dreamer loves it so we went with it. Next time I think I’d do a proper short crust base and top. You can find the recipe here.

Next is a Marmalade-glazed Apricot Loaf from the Tesco magazine. Normally I don’t bake cakes like this. Would it make sense if I said I’m an ‘everyday cake-baker’ rather than a ‘fancy cake-baker’? So to me that means I bake things like tea loaf and flapjack, things that are easy to do with kids, don’t cost much to make, and last the family all week. It means I actively avoid a piping bag and candied peel is considered a bit of a luxury. I know, I’m boring and tight. Anyway, Little Owl has no truck with that sort of attitude…she loves baking and the more extravagant the better. This cake was a pretty good compromise. It uses ground almonds and flaked almonds (I may need to sit down), but is well worth it. This is not one you can freewheel so I can’t give you vague directions for you to work your own magic, you will have to look it up here.

The picture here is from my room on my writing course. Yes, it is hand-written by Mark Haddon. Having me reflected in the glass sort of spoils it but nevermind!

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