Lining Up

Sketch of a little boy sleeping by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (

Conkers are swelling in their spikey cases on the horse chestnut trees and blackberries are ripening amongst the brambles. Beechnut husks crunch beneath our shoes on our way to and from school. One misty morning revealed a multitude of cobweb homes spanning the bushes picked out in dewdrops, for all the world like a spidery complex of high rise flats. I have noticed a new trait in Little Owl since starting school: the ability to absentmindedly line up behind anyone who presents a stationary obstacle in her path. She giggles to herself when she realizes her mistake. I hope that I don’t one day find her distractedly queuing up behind a rubbish bin or lamppost.

Here is a doodle of Finch having a doze. It’s from my sketchbook, hence the funny grey bar from the spine (in case you were wondering!).

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