World War 1 Centenary

Where the Poppies Now Grow front coverAs many of you will know today marks the centenary of the start of World War 1. Our local library has a wonderful display all about it, with a selection of books for children about the war. I got Where The Poppies Now Grow out for Little Owl and wanted to recommend it. She’s still too young to fully grasp the concept of war, and certainly one of such magnitude. Nevertheless this beautiful picture book is a good way into discussing it through the broader theme of friendship during times of trial. I loved the gentle details in Martin Impey’s illustrations and they delighted Little Owl. Isn’t it sad that, as we commemorate this terrible war, news of fighting and conflict reaches us from so many parts of the globe? I hope that by reading this book with Little Owl at least one seed (maybe even a poppy) will have been planted in a small girl, who will one day be a woman, who never forgets.

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