Kite flying

Photo of kites by Richard Foley. All rights reserved (’re back!  And with a photo from the St Anne’s Kite Festival. We caught the tail-end (get it?! oh dear!) of the festival this weekend. Regular readers of this blog will know we’re a family who never miss out on a good opportunity to fly a kite. The sky was bursting with all manner of soaring creations. There were tigers and dragons and a giant Nemo. There were kites that spun and twisted as the wind raced through them. There was even a kite in the shape of a diver being chased by a shark. It was really fantastic.

We were especially impressed by the synchronised kite flying to music. Oh yes! These kites took off from the sand with no one leaping up and throwing them into the air. They hovered in perfect precision without dipping and diving with a buffety breeze. They wove in and out of each other with not a tangle in sight. We have been introduced to new heights of ambition!

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