Queen’s Baton Relay

Illustration of a little girl's trainers by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk)In the nature reserve the cygnets have hatched, grey fluffy bundles with outlandish legs. Today they had taken up residence in the middle of one of the paths, watched over territorially by their parents. We escorted a bereft little boy who had got separated from his mum and brother, past them. Along the boggy watercourses yellow irises stand like an army of strange invaders standing to attention and victoriously bedecked in floral wreaths. They are received by crowds of cheering insects who fill the air with their satisfied hum. We don’t stand still for too long for fear of midgies. The weather is hot and muggy after some intense rain showers…perfect weather for midgies.

This afternoon we saw the Queen’s Baton being passed along en route to the Glasgow Commonwealth games. I’m unsure what Little Owl thought of proceedings. I think she’d secretly hoped to see the Queen herself doing the relay.

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