Connected at last

Illustration of a little girl's shoes by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( we have Internet at the new house and I can blog again properly. I do remember the days before the Internet but find it hard to remember how we managed. I certainly wouldn’t have imagined myself writing a blog, even if I had known what one was! Anyway, I’m very glad to be back.

Moving house went smoothly except for Big Dreamer having quite a serious argument with a loft hatch. A prolonged trip to A & E ensued and nine stitches later he looked much more like his old self. I think the most painful aspect of the whole business might have been Little Owl’s ministrations from her toy doctor’s bag afterwards.

On the last day in the old house I took a turn around the empty rooms and the budding garden. The bank by the gate was full of primroses and grape hyacinths, the hyacinths only having come out that week. I spied the odd dock starting to poke up through the ground and resigned myself to the fact that we won’t be there to wage weed war anymore. I hope we’ve done enough that some semblance of a garden survives. Perhaps the next tenants will like gardening too. Someone suggested digging up a lot of the plants and taking them with us but I couldn’t do that. Whichever way I look at it I feel we’ve left a gift behind us even if it’s only one for the sun and the sky to enjoy.

As we were getting in the car a big old bumblebee dozily buzzed through the grape hyacinths and we waved the house goodbye. In contrast the new house felt cold and unfamiliar. The garden felt unloved and neglected.  But as I turned the key in the patio door lock a big old bumblebee dozily buzzed past. He might have just come from the hyacinths and I thought, well maybe there’s more continuity here than I realise.

And in case any of you were wondering, we’re still waiting for this baby who is now significantly overdue!

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