Seasonal Scrapbook 2

Photo of Snowdrop Woodland by Hannah Foley ( All rights reserved.I can always relate to writers’ describing winter in terms of metals. Yesterday was like steel. The sky was steely grey, reflected back by the surface of the river that had the look and sound of steel plates sliding and grating across each other in its journey to the sea. Little Owl and I took the chance to get out for a walk and took this photo of some of the woodland near us full of snowdrops as far as the eye could see. Shortly after we got home snow began to float from the sky and soon everything was coated with white. Little Owl watched the flakes drifting down, then disappeared for a while. On returning it turned out she’d been watching the snow from the other side of the house. “Mummy, it’s snowing that side too,” she advised me seriously. It amuses me when she reminds me what I take for granted. It hadn’t occurred to me that this would be a fresh revelation to her.

Anyway, the snowdrops inspired another Seasonal Scrapbook page. I’ve a feeling these pages will be like buses; two and then none for ages! See it real size here (click on February 16th).

Seasonal Scrapbook page on Snowdrops (16th Feb) by Hannah Foley ( All rights reserved.

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