THE star

Illustration of a little girl dressed as a star by Hannah Foley ( are your Christmas preparations going? Are you leaving it all to the last minute or have you had it all organised for ages? Things are in full swing for us. Yesterday Little Owl was a star in her nursery Christmas play. Hang on, sorry, she wasn’t just a star. She was the star that guides the wise men. I’ve drawn a little picture of her in her costume (sourced by Big Dreamer’s mum) here. It was the usual charming chaos. There’s always a handful of the smaller children who burst into tears as soon as they come on stage. Then there’s usually another handful who disappear off into the audience as soon as their bit is done. This year there was also a hailstone who kept waltzing around the stage. The hailstone’s Dad decided enough was enough when the hailstone kept interrupting the narrator, after which a Tom and Jerry style chase scene ensued as the hailstone led his poor old Dad a merry dance around the church. The play also had live music provided by three of the Grandpas of nursery children aptly called The Grandpas. I think they should try for chart success. Everyone did a super job but it was a little more poignant than usual for me as this is Little Owl’s last Christmas play at nursery. Next year she’ll be at school!

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