Toadstools and learning

Pen and ink illustration of North Berwick by Hannah Foley (all rights reserved) paths down by the river are lined with enormous toadstools that look like creamy dinner plates laid out on a table cloth of gold and bronze autumn leaves. Yesterday we signed Little Owl up for school in September. There is a small school in the village and she will be going there. I don’t know how it works in England but in Scotland there is a set week when you have to register your child for primary school. We filled in the forms and took along all the other documentation required. Little Owl can’t wait to go and was bereft when we came home again. She thought she was starting right away. I hope she continues to have such enthusiasm for school but most especially for learning. I found secondary school particularly traumatic but I wonder if that’s inevitable when you’re creative (and a bit sensitive!).

Here is a drawing of North Berwick I did this week. It’s for a bit of illustration work I’ve been asked to do.

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